MTK Marbella Trainers

All our Trainers/Instructors at MTK Marbella are very experienced in their professions. Each Instructor has been with MTK Marbella a considerable time and understands the skills needed to promote, teach, motivate and guide every class participant in reaching their goals, individually and collectively.

Albert Ayrapetyan

Boxing Coach
Albert Ayrapetyan is MTK Marbella’s Resident Boxing coach. An ex-professional boxer, Albert boxed at super welterweight and fought Sergio Martinez  for the  WBC Latino Super Welterweight Title in 2005.  Albert takes the Adult and Junior Boxing classes and also works with the MTK Global professional boxers when they are in camp here.
Adrian Guerrero has been a Team MTK member since the gym open in 2012, He teaches K1 Kickboxing and Junior Kickboxing classes, he is also coach to the Professional K1 Kickboxers who train out of MTK Marbella named Guerrero K1 Team.

Vinicius Moura

BJJ & MMA Instructor
Vinicius Moura is MTK Marbella’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA instructor. Vinicius started Jiu Jitsu at the age of 18 in the world famous Gracie Barra gym in Rio de Janeiro. Vinnie has a third degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in the 2014 European Open Jiu Jitsu Championship came 2nd in the Black Belt Ultra Heavy Category and 3rd in the Black Belt Open Class.

Rafi Zouheir

May Thai
Rafi Zouheir is MTK Marbella’s Muay Thai Coach, Rafi is an ex-professional Muay Thai with 50 wins from 63 fights, European WPKL Champion in 2003 and World WKN Champion 2007. Rafa is also the President of  WBC Muay Thai Spain.

Stephen Johnston

Fitness Instructor
Stephen Johnston is one of MTK Marbella’s Fitness instructors who studied Health, Wellness & Fitness in Ireland and takes the Circuit and HIIT classes here in Marbella.

Mimi Perez

Mimi Perez is one of MTK Marbella’s Fitness Instructors and takes the TRX, Extreme Circuits and Intense Glutes classes. Mimi Has won medals for bodybuilding and is extremely experienced in nutrition and weight loss.

Oleg Poloz

Wrestling Coach
Oleg Poloz is MTK Marbella’s Wrestling Coach where he takes the adult and kids classes. From the Ukraine Oleg is a very experienced Wrestler and also practices Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Navid Mansouri

Boxing Coach
Nav Mansouri is a professional boxer for MTK Global. A light middleweight boxer with only 1 loss from 19 fights he works and trains in MTK Marbella with Boxing classes and Boxfit.