MTK Global, through its MTK Sydney division, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bondi Boxing Club, home to elite amateur and professional boxers in Sydney, Australia.

In this joint venture, Bondi Boxing Club and MTK Sydney will be at the forefront in organising local and international boxing events and promotions while at the same time scouting for the next generation of the best boxers in Australia and Oceania region.

Since its establishment in 2003, Bondi Boxing Club has been regarded as one of Sydney’s premier boxing clubs promoting professional and amateur boxing within the state of New South Wales. It is owned and run by the experienced professional boxing coach and manager, Tony Del Vecchio. In his distinguished career as a coach, Tony boasts victories in world and regional titles on his resume.

Tony Del Vecchio, Bondi Boxing Club

Tony Del Vecchio, Professional Boxing Coach and Manager, Bondi Boxing Club

“I am very happy to announce that Bondi Boxing Club will be stepping it up internationally working with MTK Sydney as we develop and nurture the wealth of boxing talent we have in the region. We now have a highly regarded boxing management giant that can offer more opportunities for top class boxers to further enhance their craft,” says Tony Del Vecchio.

Leveraging on the success of the company’s business model in the field of boxing, Del Vecchio sees the partnership as an exciting endeavor in creating a strong team of fighters and paving the way for the growth of the sport all over Australia.

“I believe that this collaboration is the next step for our team at Bondi Boxing Club and I could not be happier with what’s in store especially for our fighters. I cannot wait to begin working with MTK Sydney.”

Sandra Vaughan, CEO of MTK Global, says: “Our partnership with Bondi Boxing Club represents a powerful opportunity for MTK Global to significantly expand our presence in Australia, a vibrant and thriving location for boxing fans.”

“In our initial talks, I was very impressed with Tony’s clear understanding of the business. His insights and passion for the sport is laudable. He is very competent in his craft – not only to organise boxing events but also scout and train professional boxers. We’re excited to partner with his team as we strengthen our combined expertise in serving the land down under.”

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